Ways to Avoid Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment have been observed in many corporate sides of the society. While the world seems to shove it under the carpet and pretend that it doesn’t exist, the people who faced this are a live example of how real and how dangerously wide-spread this is. Workplace harassment are of many kinds, each one of them as traumatizing has it can possibly be for the victims. Mentioned below are the kinds of harassment that are being seen at several workplaces and along them are the ways that can be used to avoid them professionally and effectively.

Discriminatory harassment:

Discriminatory harassment is one of the most commonly used harassment techniques in any workplace. This is the discrimination against people on the basis of their cast, creed, religion, race, and ethnicity and using vile ways to make them feel inferior about them. Such kinds of harassment are seen on the places where the victims are present as a minority. This kind of harassment can be eliminated by making a rule that strictly treats each and every employee equally and fairly. Moreover, a firm ban on using discriminatory remarks should be implied with a warning. This way, people can learn to respect the people that differ from them.


Love yourself

Cyber-bullying has done a bigger damage than many others in a workplace, which in many cases leads to the suicide of the victim. Cyber-bullying involves the sending of pornographic and graphic imagery to the victim, and also threatening them through social media, text messages, and calls. Blackmailing and forceful reciprocation on the perpetrators advances also included in cyber-bullying. This traumatizes the victim badly and must immediately be put a stop to. There are several ways to end cyber-bullying in a workplace, and one of the most effective one is to involve law into it. The Section 18(1) and 19 of the Act of cyber-crime laws in Pakistan which deals with offenses against the modesty of ANY human being of any age, and gender with regards to online harassment. Such perpetrators should be handed over to the legal authorities to take appropriate actions. To avoid such cases, corporate sectors should create an open-door-policy to urge the victims to report the crime to them immediately.

Personal harassment:

Personal Harassment
Workplace Harassment

Personal harassment involve the throwing of remarks based on a person’s physical appearance, dressing, and anything that relates to anyone personally. Such kinds of harassment raise a serious self-esteem issue that may appear to be extremely problematic to them in future. Such kinds of harassment should be dealt with warnings at first attempts and professional counseling for the victims. If attempted again, one must immediately be sacked from the organization.

Mental harassment:

Mental Stress

Mental harassment involves belittling the victim’s existence and isolating them in the workplace. Moreover, taking them down on every opportunity, not including their opinion, ridiculing them, and possibly bullying them can cause the victim serious health issues. This can be extremely fatal for the victim of not dealt with immediately. For the co-employees who cause the mental harassment, strict warning and suspension should be used as a punishment. While if the boss is seen to be such a harasser, then legal should be taken against them and the victim should be taken in proper care.

Physical harassment:

Such kinds of harassment can be said as when one physically attacks or hurt another person on the basis of personal grudge, conflicts in opinion, or even a simple jealousy. Physical harassment completely destroy the working environments for a lot of people and ruin its peace, while completely hurting the victim. In such cases, immediate medical help should be granted to the victim while either sacking the attacker or jailing them. This is a totally unacceptable behavior and should not be even once be ignored.

Sexual harassment:

Sexual Harassment
Physical Harassment

The last, but the most horrifying form of harassment. This kind of harassment is the most common among all kinds of harassment, and a huge number of men and women are seen to be victims of this disgusting act. Sexual harassment involves as unsolicited and unasked sexual advances, gestures, physical contacts and even demands that violates a person sexually. Moreover, cyber-harassment is also a part of this as sending of sexual, graphic images to the colleagues and employees. What the people do while taking action against it is by trying to turn some of the blame on the victim which is the worst possible thing one can do an already traumatised victim. Immediate professional counselling should be provided to the victim and a safe working space should be provided to everyone. As for the perpetrators, it is an unforgivable offense and no leniency should be granted to them. Sacking, followed by legal action should be taken against them without even a single delay.

Conclusively, strict monitoring of each and every corner of the working space should be done with the help of hidden CCTV cameras. Moreover, each employee should be believed and provided a safe space for them to report their complaints on. The victims should be taken seriously and a strict policy should be followed regarding any kind of harassment for their safety.

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