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Why Search Engine Optimization is So Important Nowadays?

Importance of Search Engine Optimization.
Search engine optimization is very important for your online business as million and billions of people search for answers to their questions and search for solutions to their problems in today‘s competitive market. Even 90 percent people click on the top five results on the first page of search engines.Importance Of SEO

Search engine optimization is not about good ranking on Google. It is more than that you need to make your website user friendly and according to the user demands and likes because users trust search engines and the presence of the results of their relevant queries on the first page. It is also good for social promotion of your website as if someone find your website on top of Google or any other search engine he will likely to share it on their social media accounts like Facebook, twitter and Instagram as well. Search engine optimization put you ahead of the competition. If you and someone in the market selling the same thing the well optimized site have more chances to increase their sales and position in the market and make more customers.

For beginners SEO be Like:
For beginners it might be complicated in the start, or in simpler terms SEO is a method to improve your search engine visibility and take it to the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When you search some query on search engines it displayed results. The order in which the results are displayed on the first page is based on complicated algorithms which everyone needs to follow to take their website to the top of rankings. Optimizing your website will give you an advantage to rank you high as compare to the non-optimized websites.

Main Stages of search engine optimization:
As I said earlier the SEO is not a straight process it is the framework of rules which needs to be followed based on complex algorithms. Simply it can be said that it has been divided in two groups. On page and off page SEO. On page SEO is about what things needs to be done on your website. Off Page is like what things need to be done to promote your website on blogs and other different forums which are straightly or crossly interlinked.

On Page Search Engine Optimization:

1: Page Title and description:
Your website description and Titles are the most important aspect of SEO. I found that especially for Google SEO Page title is very important. Following are the characteristics for a good title.

i) Each page on your website need to have a unique title describing your page content.

ii) Briefly described the title.

iii) User friendly makes user to understand easily.

Description: The page Meta description is also the most important thing for ON page SEO. It gives all the search engines including Google the brief summary what your page is all about. Following things are important to write a good description.
Always put different description for every page of your website.

Don’t include too much keyword.

Don’t repeat title in the description.

Not more than 160 to 200 characters.

Try to advertise in the description like user click your website after checking your title and description.

Permalink Should Be Like: The permalink is the structure which every page of your website have differently categorized and what is it all about. Following are the rules mentioned.

1. URLs must be very easy to understand for user and search engines.
2. Use hyphens to separate the words.
3. Don’t use lengthy words or unnecessary information
4. Tell what page is all about but without using keywords

Internal Linking:
when it comes to internal links it means links of your website different pages linked to each other internally. No external links. It is ever important for on page SEO of any website. Following are the points:
1. Don’t only make link of search engines. Try to merge links that site handle better.
2. Don’t use Click Here or anything like that.
3. Don;t repeat the same link again and again on the same page.
4. Links must be useful for both user as well as for better understanding by search engines.
5. Links related different content on the website using keyword, anchor text or read full article links.

Use of H Tags and Text Format:
H1 tag must be there in the title
Use bold and italics to get user attentions
H2 tags for the main heading of your post
Write small paragraphs for better understandings
User friendly font size for the user to read easily.

Page Speed
This is the most important factor for SEO. The pages of your all pages must have very good load speed for the users to check every page even with the slow internet. Most of the website does not pay heed to this factor and lack good rankings possibly. Following are the points:

i)Get more page user per order
ii) Get more conversions
iii) Get less bounce rate.

How to get fast page load speed?
Use less size images.
Remove the plugins which are of no use.
Test your speed on different page speed platforms available.


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