PayPal vs Stripe – Which Payment Method Is More Reliable?

What is PayPal?


To explain it simply, PayPal is an online money transferring method where one can exchange money through a website by registering themselves in it.

Features of PayPal:

PayPal has the following features mentioned below that enables one to opt for it. These are the qualities that define its worth in the eyes of a potential user.

Customer service:

As disappointing as it may sound, but PayPal is known to have a not-so-good customer service. It is because that they are least alert in dealing with the queries their customer faces. It has also been reported that PayPal companies often hang up on their customers to avoid dealing with the problem. It’s a big no-no.


The security of PayPal is somehow better, which makes its users to be a little more comfortable in using their services. PayPal has introduced a vault method, which is similar to having a wallet in various shopping sites. One may store their money in the PayPal’s vault and then use it later whenever they desire for it.


The reliability of the PayPal can be judged upon its transaction fees and similar services. Well, it’s safe to say with experience that PayPal charges a lot with every transaction and charge-back. Moreover, it also doesn’t process in Pakistan, so only the international users can avail it. The taxes are comparatively higher than other online money banking services, but it’s still a fair option for everyone.


The cost of using PayPal is although free on the start but it charges you later on roughly for 2.9%, excluding the tax. Moreover, the international sales for PayPal can reach 4.4 percent as it has been witnessed with the passage of time.


Mentioned below are some of the important benefits of using a PayPal online service.

  • It is one of the simplest and commonly used online service for the payments and transactions.
  • Fast service of payments, i.e. it hardly takes about two days for the payment to be received.
  • The most trusted platform for the people dealing with online jobs.
  • Non-complicated steps to make an account, with utmost reliability and confidentiality.

To signup On PayPal Click on the following link : PayPal Signup

What is Stripe?


Stripe is also an online payment service which includes the usage of credit cards to make the transaction and money transfer. It is available for students, businessmen, and companies to process the payments online and in a reliable manner.

Features of Stripe:

Following are the features of tripe that can be used as a way to judge the service before actually using it.

Customer service:

Stripe is doing a whopping great job in making its customer services the best. Not just they had introduced an online mailing system, they have also introduced a live chat option where people can get their queries answered within a few minutes. This is a great step for people who are stuck in an emergency situations.


Stripe has introduced its amazingly reliable feature, Stripe.js. This feature is designed to help keep the information of the user confidential. This also hides the card details when transferring the payment to the receiver. This proves how tough and well-maintained the security settings are for Stripe.


Stripe charges similar in the transaction fees the way PayPal does, but what makes it different and even better is that it offers much more free services in terms of charging cards and international billing.


Stripe also starts off as free, and only charges you if you sell anything. The qualities of Stripe matches with PayPal in terms of cost. Moreover, its international sales can go up to 3.9% which is somehow less than PayPal. So both the services stand in the same line in this category.


The benefits of Stripe are countless, which isn’t a surprise because of how great it is. Let’s read on below:

  • It is best for running business as it runs the process of credit cards within a few minutes.
  • It can immediately spot any spam or usage of abusive contents and takes a quick action.
  • The payments can be received on the spot as well, as it offers a really fast service.
  • It supports short-term methods, which makes it a go-to platform for quick payments and transactions. Holding off the money in a bank is off-the-cards for them.

To start working with Stripe please click on the following link : Stripe Signup

In My Opinion

Head to Head Comparison Between PayPal Vs Stripe

In my opinion, both the services are good for use although Stripe takes the credit for reliability more than PayPal. PayPal is better for keeping the money on hold on its wallet, while Stripe takes the lead in providing a mostly free and a fast service. Personally, if I had to choose between the two of them, I would choose Stripe as it weighs so much more benefits than PayPal and for all the right reasons. If you are thinking about Develop a business website

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