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Specifications Of Nokia 9 PureView

There wasn’t a time where Nokia wasn’t on hype, especially in all of our childhood where we spent hours playing the iconic snake games in our fist-sized, gray Nokia mobile phones. As the time evolved, Nokia introduced its smartphones in a much improved manner and added competent features in them. So now, it stands firm alongside the other hyped smartphones in this century. Nokia 9 is the smartphone model that Nokia recently is about to launch. And to our surprise, it seems to be the best creation of Nokia so far. Read on below to know why it is currently the talk of the town. 


The specifications mentioned under are the ones that will explain what made Nokia 9 so unique and hyped.


The sleek and smooth design of Nokia 9 will have you stay cautious about it all the time. The front of its display is somehow regular but the rounded edges and the sleek body makes up for it quite well. The backside, however is what gets the utmost attention as there are FIVE cameras attached to it! Yes, you’ve read it right. Moreover, there is a decent flashlight attached to it. Overall, it looks closely like a flower which 5 cameras and 1 flashlight as its petals in a smooth, shiny back cover. The 6000 series aluminum with the Gorilla Glass 5 compliments the display very well. 


Nokia 9 PureView Camera

Coming towards its most prominent and hyped feature, the camera. Among the five cameras, only two of them are colored. The rest of the cameras are all of one color, i.e. monochrome. All the five cameras have the same quality that is 12MP along with the focal point of 1.8 with Zeiss optics. What’s surprising is that you may even use one lens to capture your picture, or use all the five cameras and capture that one photo which will hold the storage of 60-240mps all alone. This is something no smartphone company ever provided.


Nokia 9 contains a leading Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 845. Now, what makes it absurd is that Nokia released its smartphone in a time where smartphones contain Snapdragon 855. But this generally doesn’t mean that it will work slower. The performance will now disappoint at all and will work fairly well, only a little less well than the ones it competes with. Considering the amount of storage that it will be holding up with heavy data, it is amazing that it still doesn’t show any malfunction in the system.


The battery capacity of Nokia 9 is 3,320mAh. Now this amount of battery power is significantly enough to keep the smartphone running for an entire day. But there is still something that concerns the buyers. What if the heavy usage of the five cameras drain the battery quicker than it is supposed to be? Well, that mystery could be solved once the smartphone is released. Till then, keeping a wireless charges on its side can be a wise option in such cases. Although we still wish for the battery capacity to be a bit bigger.


The storage of Nokia 9 is 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage. Considering the fact that the smartphone would be carrying a huge weight of heavy pixel pictures which will be taken from the 5 cameras, it is wise to have a big storage. Moreover, the storage is built in, that is no memory card will be supported in the device. The amount of storage that is already being given does enough to carry all the data of pictures, documents and applications without causing any friction in the performance of the smartphone.


Nokia 9 Pure-View Specifications

There are a few factors which Nokia 9 could have improved before finalizing it for the launch. Anyway, here they are:

  • The way that it processes the image, especially the ones taken by the 5 cameras is pretty slow. I mean, the entire time that is taken by to process that one picture could be used for taking 5 more pictures.
  • Nokia 9 also has a fingerprint sensor for unlocking the smartphone and a few other tasks. But the way that it works is quite poor. It not just takes time to process it but also fails the recognition even if the user does it correctly.
  • Again, the battery life of Nokia 9 should have been improved, as we certainly do not wish to have our smartphone batteries drained just by taking a few photos with the built-in 5 cameras.

Price and release date:

Nokia 9 is priced $699, which equally roughly up to PKR 93,666. Furthermore, the release date of Nokia 9 that has been announced unofficially is February 24, 2019.

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