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PPC Advertising Challenges! Which is better?

What is PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click. This strategy is used in online advertising when there are is a requirement for the user to pay each time any visitor clicks on the Ad. This works in a way that the owners of the company bids on their websites. When anyone uses the desired keyword, their ad pops up on the site which enables the makers of the ad to pay for each click. We may be familiar with PPC Advertising, as we often see the ads of various companies being sponsored in our news feed. This enables the ad makers to promote paid posting, which is also a part of PPC Advertising.

It might seem that it is a not-so-good strategy, as we need to pay for the clicks instead of earning from them so we’re facing more financial loss. Well, that’s so not true. What actually happens is that the amount the ad makers pay for each click is so much lesser than what they get from those clicks. The ad makers only have to pay a teeny tiny amount as a fee.

PPC Advertising in various platforms

PPC Advertising has been used in various platforms for various reasons, which is why it makes it really easy for people to gain huge number followers and more number of visits to their sites by the help of this strategy.

PPC Advertising in Facebook:

Pay Per Click Facebook
Facebook Ads

Facebook has this policy that it allows the ad posting in several ways. A lot of people have witnessed the ads appearing on their Facebook timelines and them having no idea when they followed their page. Some of the methods are:

  • Facebook lets people post their ads on people’s newsfeed and it mixes really smoothly with the rest of the posts. The number of clicks on the video ad can have the maker pay for that click and simultaneously get themselves an even bigger amount.
  • By using Facebook in a web, there will be ads on the right side of the page. These ads can be in form of pictures or videos. And when it is intriguing enough, the users click on the ad.
  • The people who look out for promoting their blogs post the ad or their article in the newsfeed of the people so they can open it in a second. This feature only shows up to people using Facebook app.

PPC in Instagram:

Pay-Per-Click Instagram
Instagram Ads

Instagram also offers some of the similar features of PPC Advertising like Facebook does. They might not be exactly same but are close.

  • The photo advertisements casually pop up in the Instagram newsfeed of many of the users. Furthermore, they are made in a way that they are easily clickable. A tag of “promoting” also appears on top of the photograph. Several brands and sportswear companies follow this strategy often.
  • Like Facebook, Instagram also handles video advertising. They post the video ads which are not more than 60 seconds long and are sometimes activated with an auto-play option.
  • Instagram has an option of posting and viewing each other’s story like other social media apps. So by using this option, Instagram allows the PPC Ads to get posted in between people’s stories that they can view in the middle. They last for only 15 seconds and then they disappear.

The challenges PPC Advertising face:

Monthly Users
Monthly Users Back in 2017

As successful as PPC advertising may seem, it still is challenging in a few ways. The risks can push more losses than any gains in the strategy, so one needs to identify what these challenges are. Here is how one can recognize them by the help of these signs:

  • PPC Ads are seen to have their prices go really high, so it hardly has a chance to provide a better profit or traffic which will help the website in gaining a better position.
  • PPC does not run on instincts. It runs on a proper plan and only the experts can handle such a task of biding and posting ads everywhere. Even the smallest of wrong move can ruin the entire thing.
  • A lot people have been a victim of scam at least once in their lives which enabled them to grow mistrust for such paid ads. Due to that, only a few people now trust this strategy and only a few visitors are seen to visit the site. This way, the company has to face loss on such a low number of clicks.

So Finally?

Conclusively, the Pay-Per-Click Advertising works really effectively in the current era. Due to this, the fact that social media is fully on hype and as more people use it, there is a better chance of it working. This way, a company can avail more profit by more number of the profile visits.


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