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Apple News – The Dispute of Apple-Qualcomm in Germany

The Headlines:

Apple Qualcomm Dispute

The current dispute of Apple Company in Germany took the entire media and social media in storm. It was said on the coverage that Apple Company have been sued by the Qualcomm chip company. This created a huge hype and the Apple Company was seen to be in disgrace because of such an unfortunate event. Furthermore, something exactly like that case happened once in China too. The Chinese court also disqualified the Apple Company and not just charged a heavy fine but also ordered to immediately remove all the iPhones that were launched a long time ago. This is the second attempt of pleading Apple Company guilty for forgery.

The Root-cause:

Old Iphone Sold

The root-cause of this event The Qualcomm chip company had accused the Apple Company for cheating on them by releasing some of their old iPhone models without their chip into the market. This is considered as a crime in Germany, which the German court approves of and took the case. Apple was appealed guilty in the court and was disqualified from launching any more smartphones without installing any Qualcomm chip into it.

It is still unclear if this is a case of pure carelessness from the Apple Company’s side or if it is done on purpose to completely eliminated the Qualcomm chip. It can also be said that if it is done with dishonest reasons, they were probably trying to restrict the Qualcomm chip from getting any revenue and also to slowly cut them off from their business. So, this is all what happened which caused Qualcomm to take legal action against Apple Company in Germany.

Defenses of Apple Company:

Qualcomm Apple Fight

According to one of the representative of the Apple Company, this is all a made-up plan from the Qualcomm chip’s side to drag them down into the mud. They claim that this accusation was thrown on them for malicious means and is a full-blown attempt to sabotage their company and its productions by throwing false claims. What mattered was that how the whole media and the court supported the Qualcomm and made the final decision in their favor. Meanwhile here, Apple Company faced a long-term loss and even have to give up their products from being in the markets for the time-being.

To be honest, that still does not explain how or why was this completely same case was seen to happen in China and no such reports have been filed in this matter. This raises a matter of concern in the eyes of the public and the jury as Apple’s this recent activity surely has made people really suspicious. The defenses that were used above seems to be highly unlikely that something so crucial can be missed out from the Apple Company and that too, over some selected iPhone models. This whole claim makes their stance even weaker and baseless.

Strategies used to dissolve the matter:

The strategies that were used by the Apple Company after being ordered from the jury was that the sales of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 that were suspended would be completely withdrawn from all the markets. Not just that, all those models would be installed with a Qualcomm chip immediately. After that, they would again be launched in Germany where they will be sold in comparatively different prices. The public would once again, be asked to buy the not-so-latest iPhones and after doing all that, this is when they will be get their license renewed to produce more smartphones in future.

To be clearer about it, the decision that is taken by the German court is fair and serves equal justice to the Qualcomm chip. As it was quite clear that Apple clearly tried to divert the entire blame on Qualcomm to cover up its on forgeries from the world. With the help of its strategy, Qualcomm can get its rightful revenue.

Current situation:

Current Situation

The disputes which use to run deep between Qualcomm and Apple started from 2017. Their issues were mostly due to their usage of chip or Intel in the iPhone models. Also, Apple even tried to switch from Intel to chips but that clearly didn’t turn out very well. However, all the ugly dispute between Apple and Qualcomm didn’t affect the sales of the other iPhone models, that are iPhone X and XS. The sales and productions of these models are running as smoothly as they can. The only hassle that Apple had to face was over iPhone 7 and 8. Conclusively, this is all what happened in the ‘Apple-Qualcomm’ case. I think it is quite evident that both the companies have to be careful in what they reveal to the public as it may directly or indirectly affect their sales in future.

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