About Us

TechSufi is leading tech news platform, dedicated to profiling and publishing latest technology news all over the world, Mobile prices, Upcoming Mobile news, Digital Marketing and Business News. Founded in 2017 TechSufi quickly became a go place for people related to information technology, business persons and entrepreneurs. TechSufi almost have 1 millions visitors from different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Our mission at TechSufi is to cover up all the news related to technology either in the form of Mobile, Laptops, Gadgets, Online Marketing Techniques like social media marketing and SEO etc. We want to make it special for the readers all around the world to come and engage with others in the form of comments and shares to encourage content creators.

You can contact us via email to give your suggestions, ideas and all the possible changes which needs to be done on this blog!

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