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4G, or 5G Difference and What Separates Them From Each Other?


A detailed comparison In Between
3G,4G and 5G

4G and 5G are basically the mobile networking technologies. 5G is an upgrade of the 4G network due to the fact that it needs more capacity to run the system and also to carry heavy connections, where 4G are is not fulfilling any of these requirements properly. 5G is the newly introduced mobile network and comes with a package of countless features that helps a mobile phone to run with astounding speed and smoothness. 5G requires a lot of different spectrum and antennas but once it works, it carries the load of twice as much as a regular network. Furthermore, it is said that 5G works a hundred times more effectively than a 4G.

Frequency Spectrum

Another important point that sets 5G aside from 4G is that, only the latest devices are connected to the 5G which makes it easier for it to handle the less number of technologies in the best of services and connectivity. Furthermore, it is said that 5G works a hundred times more effectively than a 4G. Aside from that, there are many specifications that sets aside 4G and 5G from each other. To get to know them, simple keep on reading below.


Following are the specifications that are evident enough to differentiate between the two of them:

Detailed Comparison

Download speed

For 5G:

5G has been predicted to work way better than 4G. In this regard, many people have presented predictions where the download speeds of speed of 5G is said to 10 Giga-bites per second. It is important to note that 1 Giga-bite is enough to cover an entire floor of office with computers and other electronic devices. The download speed of 5G roughly equals to a thousand times faster than a regular 4G. In short, it means that you can download an entire movie in the highest resolution, and that too within a few minutes only. Cool, right? Too bad 4G users can’t avail this facility yet, or maybe get a new smartphone and witness your life changing in a matter of seconds.


5G is said to evolve the old features into a new, better one. It will work in a lot higher recurrence with bigger transfer speeds than 4G, to meet the limit prerequisites of 5G. In any case, they can’t go similarly as lower recurrence groups and they are not prudent to going through structures. However, they are restricted to having fast connections within a closed space, i.e. in a house or an office but not in a larger area or else the connections will weaken. 5G can also be in a connection with a lot of sensors that involves household devices as well. New spectrums have also been fixed in 5G to have it generate in a more effective manner.


While discussing the latency of a 5G network, we ought to know that the capacity of a 5G mobile network is equal to 1ms, which takes the control of downloading and instantly streaming any video of any length without buffering and showing a clear HD print. It enables the smartphone to load data and respond to the operations in a minimum time period and get the task done smoothly. In short, it works a lot better than the 4G network by managing multiple tasks at once. And not to ignore its amazingly high speed of download. In fact, it is rumored that 5G mobile network can download the videos within ten seconds! Shocking, huh? No wonder it is creating so much hype, and for all the right reasons!


5G networks are said to cover the entire public spaces, like shopping malls, amusement parks, and much more. While the 4G network will work to its full extent and still cause issues like dropped signals, weak connections in video calls and regular calls, low internet speed and many other problems, 5G will be available to eliminate all those issues and provide a better lifestyle to its users. 5G is yet to make more changes to help make the connections available nationwide, it still is doing a lot in making sure that whatever services they currently offer, works the best.

Working speed:

Not only 5G provides a much better network connection than the internet one, but also it provides the connections which does not possibly include the internet. I mean, who thought radio signals can be enhanced by 5G? This also shows how much it cares for the people living in the urban areas and their comfort outside their horizons. Furthermore, it is also said that the 5G network will be providing 100 Mpbs worth of signals towards approximately a million electronic devices. Although it is said that it’s not really possible to have a 100% of speed 5G connection all the time, but even if it works on its 50% of speed, it will work far better than 4 ever did.

Recommended smartphones for 5G:

Following are the smartphones that have 5G installed in them are either already launched, or will soon be launched.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10, launched in February 2019.
  • Huawei Mate X, not yet launched.
  • LG V50 ThinQ.
  • Xioami Mi Mix 3, not yet launched.
  • Huawei P30, not yet launched.
  • Huawei Mate 30, not yet launched.
  • OnePlus 7, not yet launched.
  • OnePlus 7T, not yet launched.
  • Oppo 5G Flagship, not yet launched.
  • Honor 5G, not yet launched.
  • Sony Xperia 2, not yet launched.
  • New iPhone, not yet launched.

If you want to know about Samsung Galaxy s10 and S10+ in Detail.

For 4G:

Download speed:

The download speed of 4G comes in between 5 and 12 Mbps, and is said to work much better than a 3G network (preferably 10 times better). Moreover, the upload of speed of a 4G network is in between 2 to 5 Mbps. This enables the user to face a few blurry and buffering while streaming for an online video. Moreover, the connections can be quite weak in even the slightest inconvenience of Wi-Fi.


4G networks, however are excellent in travelling through large spaces and can carry signals easily from anywhere in a broader horizon of public space. It’s nowhere near the capacity of 5G, but it still supports a fair number of people who are using this network collectively without them facing any issue as such. Video calling, online streaming, regular calling and sending voicemails can be done pretty smoothly with 4G.


The latency of 4G is around 20-30ms. It shows that the low latency with 4G shows helps in making sure that every connection regarding online communication is secure and smooth. Also, the online streaming and downloading takes minimum time with little to no hassle in the process. This helps keep sound, connection, quality and speed in check with the passage of time.


When talking about 4G coverage, it is said that 4G even though provides excellent larger signal connectivity, it still gets beaten up by 5G in terms of reliability and connectivity. But what’s important is that it covers a huge part of the area and provides a decent network for people to communicate and work in. However, the difference in quality may vary. According to a report, 4G is said to cover about 90% of any average area. With that estimation, it is expected to provide exemplary speed and connectivity with its coverage but that’s not how it is. It all depends on area to area and the satellite signals that are being provided to it.

Working speed:

4G still works fairly well, no doubt (minus the connectivity issues) but it is nowhere near as good as the 5G especially in terms of speed. It provides everything that 5G does: downloading, video calling, playing online or pre-downloaded games. All these are possible but with extra buffering, high time taken and low network to have any of these things go smoothly. Let’s just say the throne will no longer belong to 4G when 5G comes.

Old Comparison

3G and 4G

The best choice:

I guess it’s pretty obvious which one truly deserves the praise and exposure to the public on the basis of the services that they offer. Aside from that, it also works in a splendid way, making sure that their user faces no issue in using it for all sorts of purposes. While there is still a limited source of availing the 5G network, i.e. with latest smartphone models, it is still worth the investment if we really look for what they offer and in what costs. 4G is still an old choice of many and still works just as good but now that there is 5G among us, 4G stands no chance.

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